Copyleft as "the grand unified theory"
The main paradigm of anti-imperialist economy.
I think we can find it in the idea of "micro-transactions".
Imperialism founds itself on "macro-transactions": macro capitals, macro markets...macro wars; so anti-imperialism (we must find and use a positive word: something like "equalism") should find itself on the hidden and unexpressed power of multitudes.
Imagining economy as a tree we can consider how this tree has no leaves now, we can find only big branches.
So we have to discover a way to start the process of branching and maybe "blooming".
Economy has to spread and split up or it will crunch...a real big crunch.
That’s why “new economy” must be considered nearly as a synonym of “micro-economy”

Aiming at that “blooming” without a law is impossible.
Without laws there's nothing.
Each set of laws is the legal spreading and transposition of philosophical believes, (someone, especially here in Italy, thinks that laws are instruments for his own business) on the other side each philosophical system is the expression of an aim.
This aim regards people: it is its complete and pure synthesis.
We change our laws aiming at changing our world, we try to make them better because we want our society to work better.
The law is the end of something that starts like a desire, it is considered in its consequences and if we think those consequences are good we will turn that desire into laws.

What we are longing for now? What we desire?
We desire a new economy.
New economy is not a hypothetical transaction of hypothetical capitals.
New economy is the spreading of capitals and richness.
We must rule over capitals and not let capitals rule over us, we must find a way to transform each person into a fountain of richness.
We must consider each human being not as customer but as a producer, not as a passive worker but as an active contributor.
Current laws move to the opposite direction: they are a shield protecting big capitals and interests.
They regulate macro-transactions killing micro-transactions, micro-credits, micro-economy
So we desire a law to control and start this change: I define "Copyleft" that general set of laws, that shall outsource from an international work, enforced by an international political action, that will be the "grand unified theory" in opposition, first of all, to copyright, trademarks, patents; but not only: that law shall regulate and afford the real introduction of people into economy.

Unify what?
There are some interesting realities now.
Gnu licence, Creative Commons, and, recently, PLoS.
They express, with their philosophemes, the heart of something that could be revolutionary.
I believe that they could be, gathered in a coordinated work, a reliable base for Copyleft.
Gnu license could be defined as the big bang of it.
So Copyleft comes out from hackers' culture, and although I believe that hackers' ethic, seen in its basilar set of principles, it is not a new "zeitgeist", I must consider its importance in the spreading of anti-imperialist movement.
Copyleft will be the legal expression of the profound philosophy outsourcing this movement.
I believe Creative Common's licences could be seen as the "second step" in Copyleft growth, they are the "extension" of GNU's field : that's why I'm really interested on them, and that's why I hope for their adoption in Italy.(and not only )
PLoS move to the same goal, in the scientific field.

Is this coordinated work impossible ?
Is it impossible to see it as the beginning of a new, human, socially fruitful way of putting into practice “equal economy”?